An important mandate of companies like USHA International Ltd (UIL) is to reach out to remote/non-electrified villages of the country, by establishing Silai (stitching and tailoring). Silai Schools are being opened with the aim of empowering a village level woman entrepreneur to teach sewing to village women within the community.

Usha International Ltd is a multi-product company with operations across India. The product range includes sewing machines, fans, home appliances, power products, fuel injection pumps, water coolers and so on. Usha also has a network of sewing schools in large and small cities across urban India through which the organization has been imparting sewing skills to women.

Aside from Usha products which are used in virtually every Indian household, we hope to extend the reach of Usha’sSilai (Sewing) Schools programme into some of the countless under-served rural communities across the region, particularly those that suffer from a lack of electric power. Each Silai School, operated in conjunction with local NGO’s, will provide an entrepreneurial village woman with a sewing machine as well as training in sewing, simple mechanics for repairing sewing machines and the necessary syllabus for transferring sewing skills to the future generations of young women. With these skills, women will have the means of generating independent incomes and of sustaining their families and communities. We intend that these schools will go some way to giving these communities and the women who keep them alive their fair share in the region’s future. Presently, over 14348 schools are in operation across all states of India and the number is growing at a thousand schools per year.


Your contribution touches the lives of rural women in Usha Silai Schools enabling them to improve their lives and stitch happiness for themselves and their families

USHA is committed to the development and strengthening of skills and capabilities of rural women so that they can engage themselves with various self employment and income generating initiatives. Hence the Silai Schools are playing the role of a catalyst in the transformation of the lives of women by giving them opportunities to hone their capabilities in sewing and stitching. Presently, about 14,348 Silai Schools in all the states of India in 265 districts has helped women entrepreneurs augment their income without leaving their households. Silai Schools have helped women evolve as decision makers and change agents within the household and the villages.

Thereby, with this additional income from the Silai Schools they have enhanced opportunities for better medical facilities for themselves and their families and education of their children.